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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 18, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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on. in the midwest temps climbing well into the 90s. when will the dangerous heat wave end? we'll take a look at that this morning. hi, everybody. hope you had a great weekend and welcome to msnbc. i'm thomas roberts. rupert murdoch will testify at parliament tomorrow, this is the big headline, all over the phone hacking scandal that's rocking his media scandal. meanwhile there was a new arrest of a top exec over the weekend, and now the head of scotland yard and his assistant are resigning. if you're keeping score so far, there have been three high-profile resignations, ten arrests and it is not over yet. jim maceda is live in london to bring us up to speed on this. jim, good morning. >> reporter: hi there, thomas. make that four high profile resignations. just a couple of hours ago scotland yard's number two, john yates, also resigned under increasing, extraordinary, really, pressure. that on the heels on his boss's
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resignation last night. commissioner paul stevenson, he was the head of scotland yard. he, if you will, fell on his sword and said that he could not in good conscience continue with all the challenges to keep the peace in great britain as he and specifically his relationship with the murdock media empire became such a focus of attention. he was calling it a major distraction, which could not go on. of course among those ten arrests you mentioned, the latest high profile arrest was rebekah brooks, the chief of the british media holdings. she said it came as a complete surprise when she showed up at a prearranged appointment with police on sunday and was subsequently held and questioned for nine hours before being released on bail. now, in all of this, thomas, pressure continues to mount obviously on the murdock family. they're expected to appear tomorrow before the parliamentary committee and on british prime minister david cameron. he's currently in south africa today. he addressed briefly the phone
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hacking scandal. and in what he had to say he was clearly standing his ground. let's take a listen. >> what the government wants to do here is what i think the whole country wants to do, which is to make sure we sort out this issue, we have a proper police investigation, a proper inquiry into what went wrong at news international and news of the world and proper arrangements for the future, so that the contact between journalists and politicians is far more transparent than it is today. >> reporter: now, cameron is clearly feeling the heat. he's cut short his africa trip, postponed the parliament summary by at least a day so wednesday he can answer some of the barrage of unanswered questions related to this growing scandal. thomas. >> we'll see if any more light is shed on this tomorrow. jim maceda in london for us, jim, thanks so much. well, the debt debate is still on the front burner in washington, but we're no closer to a deal as the august 2nd deadline approaches. house republicans are pushing
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their cut, cap and balance approach while minority leader mitch mcconnell works with harry reid on a contingency plan. the president's top advisers are assuring americans that their boss is still aiming for major savings. >> the president made clear he wants the largest deal possible. he wants to do the most we can to reduce the deficit. that would be the right thing to do for the american people. he made it clear he's willing to go into areas that he's not in the past been comfortable going into. >> nbc's kristen welker is live for us at the white house this morning. kristen, bring us up to speed, the latest on any negotiations between both parties and the republicans' push for the balanced budget amendment. >> reporter: that's right. hi there, thomas. staffers were working throughout the weekend to try to get something accomplished on this issue. there are really two tracks that are emerging right now. that first one that you mentioned, the cut, cap and balance that's really sort of the private plan that we're seeing emerge. the house will vote on it tomorrow. cap spending at less than 20% of the nation's gdp and it also involves a balanced budget
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amendment. it is probably going to pass through the house, unlikely to pass through the senate. but what it does, it allows republicans to get on the record that they want to see a balanced budget amendment, potentially opening wait for compromise a little later on in the week, we'll have to see. but then the more private plan that's emerging is the one also that you mentioned, thomas, which was put forth initially by senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, now working on it with majority leader harry reid. under that plan the president would be allowed to increase the debt ceiling in three increments through 2012, unless congress disapproves. it essentially puts the responsibility squarely on the president's shoulders. it will possibly come with spending cuts as well as tax and entitlement reform commission. the question is does that plan, plan b, have enough support amongst republicans to pass in the house. we'll have to wait and see. >> chrkristen welker at the whi house for us.
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thanks. a member of the bipartisan debt talks joins me now. sir, it's good to have you back again. i want to start with house republicans and the cut, cap and balance plan. take a listen. this was senator demint yesterday on "meet the press." >> the only plan on the table that will keep us from default and will keep us from falling to a negative rating is the cut, cap and balance plan. now, folks can say that it's outrageous to balance our budget. but over 70% of americans think we need to. and that's what we're going to insist on as republicans. >> congressman, the head of the senate for budget and policy priorities calls this an extreme piece of legislation. so why is the gop's strategy in this moving farther away from the negotiating table and compromise with this bill? >> well, that's a very good question, thomas. this is a very extreme and twisted version of a balanced budget amendment. we shouldn't even be calling it that. what it does is manipulates the
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constitution itself to make it easier to adopt the radical republican budget plan. here's how it does it. it says that if you want to slash medicare and the medicare guarantee, that's a majority vote in congress. if you want to close tax loopholes or get rid of subsidies, you need a two-thirds vote in the u.s. congress. so they would write into the constitution itself this preference to cut education and slash medicare over closing tax loopholes. i mean it is astounding what they're doing, and it's very important that people not just refer to this as some kind of garden variety balanced budget amendment. it's anything but that. >> so a major part of the problem in reaching the deal has been republicans' stance on revenues when we talk about what's taking place in the talks there. governor -- excuse me, grover n norquist is playing a big part in this stance. he was on the air earlier today talking about where he stands on all of this. take a listen. >> obama wants to say, you know
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what the problem is, the peasants aren't sending enough cash to pay for my government, we should raise taxes. no. raising taxes does not do anything to help cut spending. raising taxes is what obama and other democrats do sfed of cutting spending. >> so here's grover norquist, a man not in an elected position by anyone in america yet he holds a choke hold on republicans because he had them sign the tax pledge. do you think that there's really anything substantial that can be accomplished with so many house republicans having signed that? >> it's going to be really tough, because until our republican colleagues are more worried about reducing the deficit than they're worried about what grover norquist has to say, we're going to be in trouble. he said the president wants the peasants to send the revenues. the fact is we're talking about closing corporate loopholes, whether it's corporate jets, subsidies for big oil companies. yes, we are asking the folks at the very high end of the income scale to simply return to the
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rates they were at during the clinton administration. and let's be clear, the framework that the president has put on the table says he will do $3 in cuts for every $1 in revenue generated through closing the loopholes or doing going to the high-end taxpayers. in fact in the very short term he's proposed a payroll tax holiday which would provide extended middle class tax relief as we try to get the economy back on its feet. >> we talk about the economy, but there are people like michele bachmann accusing the president and accusing democrats of using scare tactics or warning that the nation is facing this armageddon if the deal is not reached by august the 2nd. do you think that it's fair to say that there would be armageddon or do you think that it is a proper criticism to say that there are some scare tactics that are being used by the democrats? >> well, thomas, i think the game is up on what the republicans have been saying. they were saying that secretary geithner was trying to cook the books and put out these scare tactics. you now have standard & poor',
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you have moody's, you have the united states chamber of commerce. these are not left wing organizations that are conspiring with the administration. they have laid it on the line here and what they have said is if the united states doesn't pay its bills, then there are serious consequences to pay, and i think every american should know that. if you don't pay your mortgage, if you don't pay your car payments, there is going to be trouble. and so that's why it's absolutely astounding that the republicans are saying we will prevent the united states from paying its bills, whether it's our troops, whether it's social security, whether it's other obligations, unless you pass this twisted version of a constitutional amendment that would actually implant their budget plan into the constitution of the united states. they would put in the constitution of the united states this bias toward protecting special interest tax breaks. so, look, it's not clear what the path is here forward so long as republicans take the position
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that they will not lift the debt ceiling, they will not allow the united states to pay its bills, unless you take these draconian actions. >> we get the idea of paying our bills but we pay our bills because we do our jobs. explain to every day americans why the people that we sent to congress and we sent to the hill to do their jobs aren't doing their jobs. >> well, we invite the american people into this conversation, because i think that all of us are frustrated, just as the american people are. the best we can do right now is to say please engage in this discussion. let people know how you would best like to resaufl it. as the president indicated the other day, most americans, including most republicans, favor a balanced approach to solving the deficit problem. and most americans would like us to focus on getting the economy going on and increasingly recognize that if the united states doesn't pay its bills, if we default on our debt, it will make that situation even worse. so i hope everyone will engage
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in this conversation. i will say that many of us have been very frustrated as well. we've been looking for the middle ground. the president has gone more than halfway in trying to meet the republicans. but we can't get beyond this very simple issue that you raised, which are these pledges that people sign to grover norquist saying that they will not end one corporate loophole for the purpose of deficit reduction. and we're saying that just has to be one part, not the whole part. in fact, again, the president said $3 in cuts to $1 in revenue increases. the revenue would not take effect until after the year 2013. >> congressman, we're going to let you get back to work. we appreciate the time you've given us this morning. thank you. so it is the first full day of freedom for casey anthony, now on the run from her own notoriety. the day after she was released from jail, the cat calls, boos and cries of "baby killer" the acquitted defendant is now in hiding in an undisclosed
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location. kerry sanders is in orlando to bring us up to speed with the very latest on this. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. the last confirmed citing was right here at the jail. sunday, just after midnight when she emerged with her attorney, jose baez, walked out through the lobby, just as any other inmate would be released out the front door. of course this was a little different with all the cameras and more than 100 protesters outside. there were mounted patrols to keep some of the angry back. she got into an suv. they closed the main road out here. she sped down the road in her suv with helicopters in pursuit. news choppers with cameramen trying to follow her movement, but there were several different choppers following several different cars. all those little gray suvs heading down the road. so it appeared downtown in the buildings that she was lost. then a short time later, it surfaced that she might be at the municipal airport where there was a waiting private jet. we saw somebody get out of a
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car, run to a hangar and then the jet took off a short time later. the faa list said that it headed to columbus, ohio. of course the anthony family originally from ohio, so that might make sense, but the faa has no passenger manifest to share with us. we don't know who was on board the plane. of course the attorneys are not revealing. so at this point she has vanished, she's gone underground and those surrounding her, trying to protect her, think at least for the short term, that is the best thing for casey anthony. >> nbc's kerry sanders for us in orlando. kerry, thanks so much. i want to remind everybody coming up at the half hour, cheney mason is going to be joining us. he's the outspoken attorney for casey anthony. he's going to talk about what's next for casey as well as her legal battles ahead and how she plans to support herself now that she is once again a free woman. well, in one of the strongest signals yet that he's in, rick perry says he's feeling a calling to run for president. and with the new report that there's still plenty of money on
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welcome back, everybody. rick perry is sounding more and more like a man preparing to make a run for the white house. he told the "des moines register" i'm not ready to tell you that i'm ready to announce that i'm in, but i'm getting more and more comfortable every day that this is what i've been called to do. this is what america needs. we have jonathan alter, an msnbc political analyst, also a columnist and author of "the promise." and jim, executive editor at politico. good morning, it's good to have you with us. jim, let me start with you. hearing the call. there are reaches that he hasn't
8:18 am
jumped into the race already. is this an indication of how starved the average republican voter is for another option and rick perry might be that? >> there's clearly a big opening. there's a big group of the republican party that's not that enthusiastic about mitt romney, hasn't been for some time. if they're not now, they probably never will be. i think there's a group that would tolerate him because they think he's electable. michele bachma has caught fire, especially with tea party activists, but it's not clear that enough republicans think she would be electable. and i think rick perry is looking at the field and saying i can bridge those two. he's talking to donors who sat out who are saying we'd like to back you to do that. there's certainly an opening, it's not too late, although there are difficulties getting in as far as getting consultants and locking some of the big bundlers, but they're not prohibitive. >> jonathan, we have rick perry, a charismatic and certainly likes the attention kind of politician. is this a ploy for media
8:19 am
attention or do you think that he's really ramping up as he gives that quote which is so kind of all over the place. but the bottom line is that he's feeling the call. >> look, i don't know for sure, but if you say you have a calling or you're hearing a call, that's a pretty good indication you're essentially saying is god telling you to do this? i'm not quite sure what that means but it certainly indicates that he's getting pretty close to making a decision here. and he's not like sarah palin where he's in it for the speaking dates. you know, the money he can get by flirting with the race. he's a sitting governor -- >> money for the bus. >> he's the sitting governor of one of the biggest states in the country. he would suck up a lot of oxygen in this race if he got in. he would hurt bachman, because they go after some of the same voters, and he would hurt romney, because he would be a bigger threat to romney's nomination than michele bachmann. so i'm not saying he's going to be the nominee, but he has some pretty good arguments. for instance, when romney was
8:20 am
governor of massachusetts, massachusetts was 48th out of 50th in job creation. in texas, by contrast, he has what he believes is a good story to tell about job creation down there so that will contrast well with romney. >> jim, i want to talk to you about donors because there was this front page article in "usa today" on how just one in every five elite fund-raiser from 2008 have donated to gop candidates currently. so how much does that mean that perry could capitalize on that and really grab mow meamentum a grabbing 50ifistfuls of cash. >> theoretically that opening exists. there are large donors who can get massive amounts of money into the system still sitting out there. i don't think perry is the dominant pick of that group. i think the group is waiting to see if governor christie would jump in and really wanted mitch
8:21 am
daniels to run. i think he would have launched with a real bang with a lot of those bundlers behind him. they're interested in perry because they're not that interested in the field right now and see him as an alternative. i don't think he has a good relationship with some of the old bush crowd and a lot of the folks who are part of the bush crowd are the big bundlers, so it's not clear he'd pull off all of them but there is an opening. there was a recent poll where he was registering at 10% in one of those polls and that's for somebody who does not have much of a national profile. not even that big of a national profile with republicans. >> let's talk more about that because there is a new cbs poll out today showing a majority, 71% of americans watching what's going on in washington are really unimpressed with how the republicans are handling the debt crisis. does this give a washington outsider like perry the obvious leg up, because he can come into it, say i'm outside of the beltway, i'm not in the pocket there, so to speak. >> well, until barack obama, a sitting u.s. senator was
8:22 am
elected, the process favored governors going back many, many years. yes, it does give him some advantage saying he's an outsider, but he also is from texas. and we had two terms of a texan as president. even though as jim said the bush crowd doesn't get along at all with the perry crowd, there's real bad blood there, nonetheless for voters, it kind of looks a little bit like a return to what one candidate called bush on steroids. you know, rick perry is a super texan. and everything about him shouts texas. it's not clear that people are ready to go back to that right now. >> we shall see because he's still undecided. jonathan, jim, thanks for joining me today. i appreciate it. so illinois launching a major effort to battle child porn, and at the center of it is a new technology that makes it much harder for predators to hide their tracks online. we're going to talk with the woman who is behind this big push. and if you still have a knot in your stomach from yesterday's
8:23 am
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so a lot of heart broken soccer fans in the u.s. are still wondering this morning how it could happen. >> it is japan's world cup! >> there it was, after twice squandering the lead, the u.s. team sealed their fate by missing three penalty kicks. it cost them their first world cup in more than a decade and possibly millions of dollars in endorsements. anne thompson is live in frankfurt, germany, for us. anne, this was a real nail biter but these women played their hearts out and were very gracious to the japanese women in their win as well. >> reporter: oh, absolutely, thomas. and you know if it is possible to win by losing, i think you could make a very strong case
8:27 am
today that the u.s. women's soccer team has done just that, because if you go on social media, check out facebook, check out soccer blogs, go on twitter, you'll see people saying, look, congratulations to japan. we're very happy for you. boy, we're proud of our american women. and they're most proud of how gracious these women were in defeat. now, the u.s. did have some really good moments, especially in that first 120 minutes before the penalty kicks. alex morgan, the youngest player on the team, she scored the first goal for the u.s. well into the second half off her left foot. japan tied the game sending it into extra time. then during extra time abby wambach did what she's done all throughout this tournament. she took a ball and with her head knocked it into the goal. and that just had the u.s. team and the u.s. fans here so excited. it wasn't to be, and you can see an example of that graciousness
8:28 am
in wambach's comments to espn after the game. >> this is obviously going to hurt for a while, but i'm proud of our team. we never gave up and congratulations to the japan team. i think their country is very, very proud of them. >> reporter: so they may not have all those multimillion dollar endorsements that people were talking about before the world cup final, but what they do have today is a whole lot of good will here in germany and certainly back home. thomas? >> yeah, i was certainly going to say they have the love and respect of all of us here back in the u.s. anne thompson in frankfurt for us. anne, i can't believe you're all bundled up. the other day you weren't and now you're bundled up. >> reporter: it is freezing here. like the sun comes out and it rains and the sun goes away and then the wind kicks up and it's cold. it's the weirdest weather i've ever experienced. i can't believe in july i'm wearing a scarf and alpine socks. i am freezing. >> we've got nothing but a heat wave back here waiting on you in new york, so we welcome you home
8:29 am
as soon as you get here. anne thompson, thanks so much. the very dangerous heat wave gripping much of the nation. how bad is it going to get and how long will it last? we'll have someone from the weather channel fill us in. plus casey anthony in her first full day of freedom at an undisclosed location. one of her defense attorneys tells us where she goes from here. n 100% juice. good choice. launch me fellas. [ male announcer ] ooh, bad choice. capri sun 100% juice. with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth. aflac! oh, i've just got major medical... major medical. ...but it helps pay the doctors. pays the doctors, boyyy! [ quack ] oh yeah? what about your family?
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good morning, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. here's what's topping the news now. no relief today from the blistering heat wave that is putting a strain on people and power supplies in the middle of the country. get this, heat advisories are in effect from montana to illinois. on the east coast, new york, washington, philadelphia, they're all bracing for temperatures and humidity this week that will make it feel like it's in the triple digits. the weather channel's eric fisher is in the very, very, very hot minneapolis. so, eric, bring us up to speed because it's more than just hot there, it's becoming dangerous for people as well. >> reporter: it really is. you know, some people say it's summertime, i can deal with it.
8:33 am
don't tell me what to do. basically this is the type of heat that can get you into the hospital or even worse, especially as we head toward the afternoon. right now, it's only 10:30 local time, the heat index is already over 100 degrees in the twin cities. this afternoon it could near 115. we could set up in annytown usa and it's the same. we're on lake harriet, one of the places the local comes to cool off. the water temperature is 80. that will provide relief. we're seeing some boats moving the sail boats over to shore. they may be renting those out or having a couple of sailing classes. bottom line here is that the heat is going to be persistent and that's what makes it dangerous. here we don't get relief until thursday or friday, but for much of the south central and southeastern u.s., no relief in sight. high pressure continues to be the main weather player this summer. thomas, back to you. >> eric, thanks so much, appreciate it. so on a different note this morning, what sort of personal and legal challenges does casey
8:34 am
anthony face now that she is a free woman? cheney mason is the defense lawyer who sat co-chair to jose baez at her murder trial and earlier today i spoke with mr. mason about the personal and legal challenges he and his client will face in the weeks, months and years ahead. your client is reportedly in an unknown location. some are saying in ohio. what can you tell us about where casey is going and what her future plans are? >> well, we're not going to say where casey is or where she's going. plans are to let her rejoin the world and society and have some time to adjust to her newfound freedom. >> mr. mason -- >> it's a difficult world. >> what type of psychological support is in place? i know during the trial there was at one point where your team was concerned about her mental state and to move forward with the trial itself. but what type of psychological support is in place for her now? >> well, there have been a number of psychiatrists and
8:35 am
psychologists that have volunteered their services to counsel with casey and try to help her. we have been working on that and pretty comfortable that she will have good experience and professional counseling to help her with the transition and for some time. >> when casey left jail on sunday, she had armed guards at her back and an suv took her away to your law offices where there was word of an alleged vehicle switch before going on to an airport. i think for a lot of people, this whole thing brings up memories of the o.j. simpson bronco chase. what is casey's reaction to all of this attention, especially now that she is a free woman? >> well, she's somewhat bewildered by the whole process. imagine, if you will, her taste of freedom after three years of being locked up 23 hours a day and being besieged by the hate mongers and lunch mynch mob men of people all over the country.
8:36 am
but she understands there are a lot of supporters, a lot of people that believe in the constitution and have been overwhelmed with favorable letters to her. probably the ones going directly to her are about ten to one in favor and support of her. and about the same almost to our offices. so she knows there are people out there that understand and care for her, people that believed in her innocence from the beginning, not just the defense team. and despite those few people who just can't get over the reality or accept the constitution and the law, she's going to adjust to it. she'll be fine. she's tough and she's bright and it will take a little while, however. >> when we talk about what's next for casey, legal troubles are not over for this young woman yet as she's facing civil search totaling $112,000, also from a woman named zenaida gonzalez, the woman whose name casey cited in lying to police about her daughter's whereabouts. who's going to help pay to fight these cases and how do you plan
8:37 am
to serve her as a lawyer in the capacity needed to do that? >> well, in the first place we don't place any credibility in the lawsuits. any lawyer that i know feels much the same. they're clearly frivolous. but they will be defended. mr. charles green has volunteered and he's been basically representing casey in the civil cases now for about a year. and he will continue to do so. as we need more lawyers or staffs, i have a long list of volunteers that are willing to continue to help her without pay, as the entire team has done almost from the beginning. so she'll be defended properly and the cases will go away. i don't anticipate her paying anything. >> when do you expect to see casey again, and when should we, the public, expect to see her in court again? >> well, i think if you're waiting to see her in court again, you better get a rocking chair. when i'm going to see her again
8:38 am
would be entirely privileged and frankly i don't know. >> do we expect to see her in court appealing the four counts that she was convicted of? shouldn't she come back for that appeals process? >> no, it has nothing to do with her. this is a matter of law. the appeal process results in filing briefs with the appellate court, both sides, and ultimately probably having an oral argument at the appellate court in daytona. and then their ruling. there's no defendant participation or evidence or witnesses at all. >> okay. so we may not see her in a courtroom, but with a lot of people we may see her in a television interview getting paid for it, is there anything you can tell us about what she's going to do to make money in the future? >> well, we're hoping that she's going to be able to find a way to improve her education, which she wants to. >> great. >> and to get employment. that's going to be tough. we recognize that. i don't know how long it's going
8:39 am
to take. as far as all the rumors about paid interviews and books, movies and so forth, there's been no truth to any of that. i don't know what people are offering, but nothing has been agreed to in any capacity whatsoever. >> mr. cheney mason, thanks for joining us today, sir. appreciate your time. >> you're welcome. >> so illinois is hoping to hunt down more offenders of child porn by using new internet technology. this week the state attorney general is urging internet companies to use photo dna software to track who is downloading child porn. the illinois attorney general, lisa madigan, is here now to talk more about this with me. lisa, it's great to have you with us. explain to all of us that don't know, how does this photo dna software work? >> it's very interesting, and so how it works is that every digital image can be assigned what they call a hash value. it is basically a numeric calculation that allows it basically to have a signature.
8:40 am
and so those hash values then, once we know them, can be compared to images that are out on the internet and so we take the known child pornography, really the worst of the worst images, the images of very young children being raped, and they're able to identify those, match them and then remove them. in addition to removing them, it helps us as law enforcement track these perpetrators down, convict them, get them out of our communities and behind bars where they pe long. >> lisa, who are you speaking with who can implement photo dna and use this to help? >> right now this is a technology that has been developed by microsoft, along with the national center for missing and exploited children and a wonderful professor at dartmou dartmouth, so far facebook adopted it but we'll also talk with yahoo! and many of the other internet service providers asking them to adopt that technology as well. it could make an enormous difference in removing what are unfortunately and tragically millions and millions of these horrific images. a number of years ago, actually
8:41 am
10, 20 years ago, child pornography was unheard of. we had actually managed to eliminate the vast majority of it. but with the internet, obviously the ability to share these horrible images has just exploded, and so now we're in a situation where we've got to keep up technology on the law enforcement end to be able to track down these perpetrators and remove these images. >> as you talk about the images exploding, we go back to 1995, the number of people prosecuted on child porn charges, from 50 per year to around 2500. as we continue to watch this problem get worse, how come there hasn't been more done? because the technology out there seems to only be aiding in the criminals as opposed to the law enforcement. >> it actually does both. out of the illinois attorney general's office, i run an illinois internet crimes against children task force. one of the things we've been doing is to use the technology to actually -- the same technology that the pornographers are using to track them down.
8:42 am
every time you're up on your computer, it generates what's known as an ip address. what we've been able to do is identify the ip addresses that are trading known images of child pornography. a year ago it was 8,000. we've now identified the worse of the worst and we are systematically figuring out who they are, arresting them, charging them and getting them out of our communities. so we are now at a point about a year later, there are only approximately 4,000 illinois ip addresses that we see viewing child pornography. still way too many, but a 50% decrease because of our efforts as well as our efforts of bringing lime wire down that a lot of criminals were using to share pornography. >> lisa madmadigan, thanks for joining us today and we wish you the best with this process. >> thank you, thomas. on a different but related note, shocking new numbers about the gritty underground business of prostitution and how many men really pay for sex. and then detectives in southern california are stumped by the discovery of a woman's body at her boyfriend's mansion,
8:43 am
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police in southern california still don't know if a woman found dead in a multimillion dollar mansion was murdered or committed suicide. further complicating this whole story, the son of the mansion's owner died yesterday after falling down the stairs in the house earlier last week. miguel almaguer has more from coronado, california. so, miguel, explain what are police saying about the connection or non-connection between these two deaths and maybe it's just odd timing? >> reporter: thomas, right now they say there seems to be no connection between these two deaths and certainly there does appear to be odd timing in this situation. of course the death investigation that is still unsolved is that of rebecca zahau. she was found dead here in the home behind me on wednesday, last wednesday. her nude body was discovered laid out in the courtyard. she was lifeless.
8:47 am
her hands were bound behind her back. her feet were tied together too. the man that called 911, adam shacknai, said he cut her down from a second floor balcony. adam shacknai is the brother -- his brother is rebecca zahau's boyfriend, jonah shacknai. he is the ceo of a multimillion dollar cosmetic company based out of arizona so investigators say he was not here during the time of that incident. one might think that he was at his son's hospital bedside. as you mentioned, there was an accident here that is unrelated to this where his 6-year-old son fell down a flight of stairs and was killed, apparently over the weekend he was pronounced dead. that information has just come to light. but police say there is no ruling of death, no death for jonah shacknai's 32-year-old girlfriend, rebecca zahau. that is still part of this investigation. >> miguel almaguer in coronado, california, for us. thanks so much. there's a new study on the
8:48 am
u.s. sex industry and the customers who keep it such a booming business. new data reveals that for every john that's arrested, as many as 50 prostitutes are put behind bars. most men who buy sex likely don't realize the horrible reality that the women that they're paying are often victims of human trafficking. joining me now is leslie bennis, the author of an article called "the john next door" appearing in "newsweek" magazine. i want to get into some of the hard facts that you put out in this report. nobody really knows how widespread the practice is. however, you say a certain study in the article that says 18 to 80% of men have actually paid for sex before. so that's a really wide range. how can we narrow it down to talk more about the specifics? >> even the experts do not know what percentage of men buy sex. studies have been done showing figures that range from 16 to 80%. but they may be out of date because most of the experts feel there's been an explosion of
8:49 am
demand for sex because of the internet. and the ubiquitousness now of these online agencies where you can dial up anything at a moment's notice has led to a tremendous proliferation of services. and many of them men don't even consider to be patronizing prostitution, when they go to strip clubs and get lap dances, when they go to erotic massage parlors, they don't think of this as patronizing prostitutes. they don't think about the fact that a lot of these girls are underage, many of them were trafficked into prostitution through force, fraud and coercion, which is part of the legal definition of trafficking and they really don't realize how much, you know, suffering and violence these girls are subjected to in order to keep them in prostitution. >> so you're not classifying a john not just as a person that would pay a prostitute but also a person that might patronize a strip club.
8:50 am
>> someone who buys sex. one of the most shocking things about this new study that i reported on in "newsweek" is that they found that sex buying among men sex buying among men become so pervasive it took them more than a year to find a control group of nonsex buyers among men. they had to water down their definition of what constitutes a nonsex buyer. if you keep an absolute definition, no pornography online, no strip clubs. you can't find men who haven't done this recently. >> when we talk about men and classifying them all as johns that could be harsh? >> i'm reporting on what the study found. it took more than a year to find a control group and they had to loosen their definition in order to get men who could qualify as not really buying sex. >> do you recommend that people should study on human trafficking and know exactly what they're doing and choose not to patronize.
8:51 am
>> prostitution has been viewed as a victimless crime and it really isn't. american girls i spend a lot of time with one girl that was trafficked into prostitution at the age of ten. she spent the next eight years trafficked all over the united states by her pimp. it's not a victimless crime. i think that a real reeducation campaign is needed for men to understand what they're supporting when they do this and for all of us to consider what needs to be done to help these people. >> it's a great read. i encourage everybody to read it this week it's a story that's highlighted in "newsweek." great to see you today. thanks for your time. >> we're back with much more right after this. get ready f. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs.
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welcome back. now to the flip side. rupert murdoch's big mea culpa in attempt to get ahead of his massive phone hacking scandal. apologies have mixed records. goldman sachs ceo apologized for
8:55 am
2009 in his firm's role in financial crisis that they suffered saying quote, we participated in thins that were clearly wrong and have reason to regret. the firm continues to pull in record profits the apology may have delayed goldman's reckoning the justice department is investigating that firm. it was a case of too little, too late for bp ceo tony hayward whose apologies were overshadowed by a series of insensitive comments. >> there's no one who wants this over more than i do. i'd like my life back. >> the owner of the japanese nuclear plant that went goo meltdown in march that company's response was met with outrage when the owner apologized at an investor meeting and then was heckled. that's going to do it for me today. i appreciate your time. contessa brewer is going to pick things up for the next hour. good to see you.
8:56 am
so president obama looks like a man being dragged into church by a firebrand preacher named eric cantor. that's the quote. we'll talk to a top washington insider who wrote that and said obama may have missed out on a big debt deal because he sat on the sidelines too long. the big secret, where in the world is casey anthony in her parents don't even know. we're taking you life to florida for the latest. and media mogul rupert murdoch gets set to go before parliament to discuss who knew what when as the news hacking scandal expands. with the 48-hour sale, the possibilities are endless. interesting...
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